From Left to Right: Michael Curl, Chris Claiborne, Teresa James and Rick Nitszchke (Presenter)

JJ pictured with his family

Barbara Haynes is shown drawing  a name for theThird Quarter Safety Award, also pictured, Teresa James,Safety Officer.

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Jeffery Byrd. Jeffery was awarded $250.00.  With another consecutive quarter, with no injuries the drawing will raise to $500.00. Presenting Jeffery with his award is Teresa James, Safety Officer

Pictured is Jacob "JJ" Jeffers. Recent TVPPA Graduate

Employee Safety Award


Employee Anniversary



Roger Galloway presenting JJ with his Diploma

From Left to Right, David Phillips, Michael Curl, Barry Whitehead, Terry Murphy, John Harris, Tilman Phillips, Christopher Blackwell, Randall Freels, Albert Lawson,and Keith McCloud

Left to Right, Teresa James, Chris Claiborne (Award recipient) and Rick Nitszchke

2017 Third Quarter Safety Award Winner

2017 Draw for Third Quarter Safety Award